Department of Computer Applications : Morigaon College


"Computer Applications is the knowledge of abstraction - creating the correct reproduction intended for a problem and devising the right mechanizable techniques to solve it".

The Computer applications Department aims to make a place at both national and international level by producing high quality ethically rich computer application engineers conversant with the state-of-the-art technology with the ability to adapt the upcoming challenges in information technologies and their applications to cater to the ever changing industrial and societal needs. It is committed to provide a supportive, friendly and challenging learning and research environment. Moreover, it endeavours to establish itself as a centre of excellence in teaching and research to produce skilled human resource for sustainable nation’s growth and having technological impact on the people’s life. Part of our mission is to enable the students


Ever since its inception in 2008, the department has attained unprecedented heights and stands on par excellence. The department has proven its academic prowess and success with an extensive range of courses offered at the Undergraduate level. The department of Computer Applications was set up with the objective of providing the latest quality education in the field of computer Applications. The Computer Applications department introduced vocational Computer Application and Information Technology courses to BA program students and Computer Science Generic electives courses to Hons students. Later in 2020, the department introduced the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) course under Gauhati University.


i. To attract young minds to the potentially rich and employable field of computer application.

ii. To provide a foundation of computing principles and business practices for effectively using/managing information systems and enterprise software.

iii. To help students analyze system development requirements and expose students to business software and information systems.

iv. To be a foundation graduate programme that acts as a feeder course for higher studies in Computer Science/ Applications.

v. To develop software development skills to enable the BCA graduates to take up self-employment in the Indian and Global software market.

vi. To provide students with options to specialize in legacy application software, system software or mobile applications.


The motto of the Computer Applications Department is "Lead the advancement of computer science among students to prepare them for life-long learning".


To be the source of bringing out globally competent pioneering computing professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs and thereby succeed and contribute value to the knowledge-based economy and society.


i. To offer high-grade, value-based programs in the field of computer applications.

ii. To provide conductive environment so as to achieve excellence in teaching-learning, and development activities.

iii. To bridge the gape between industry and academia by framing curricula and syllabi based on industrial and social needs.

iv. To facilitate students to nature skills to practice their professions competently to meet the ever-changing needs of society.


Keeping both the mission and the vision in mind the department has the following objectives to give impetus to its efforts in all the spheres of knowledge and learning.

i. To offer quality education to students thereby enhancing their domain expertise.

ii. To involve and empower all: students and faculty alike in the ever-growing process of learning.

iii. To provide industrial exposure to students by arranging industrial visits, guest lectures etc.

iv. To emerge as a centre of excellence by adopting the best practices not only in the realm of technology but also in Research and Development.

v. To ensure equal participation of the faculty and the students in the sphere of research and development.

vi. To strive towards achieving 100% results and facilitating placement of everyone.

Courses Offered

Resources of the Department

Our computer labs are equipped with the latest hardware and software. We are constantly updating and upgrading our systems to bring the most up-to-date exposure to our students. Many of our faculty members have spent long years solving real-world computing problems in leading industries.


i. The Department of Computer Applications have well qualified and dedicated faculty.

ii. The computer laboratory is as per the curriculum and have 20 computers with all the software and hardware requirements.

iii. Excellent central library with Internet facilities is available for excess according to the norms stipulated.

iv. Direct mentoring of students by faculty, interacting with students, and directing them to upgrade their skills.


i. Need to have a separate departmental library other than the central library.

ii. Requires more computers in the lab as student-to-computer ratio is low.

iii. Number of volumes and journals in the central library need to be increased.

iv. The activities through Industry Institution Interaction Cell are to be improved.

v. Soft skills and communication skills of students need to be improved.

vi. Student and staff are to be encouraged for paper presentations at various National/International conferences, workshops and seminars.


i. Increased demand for computer skills.

ii. Scope for enhanced research work to be carried out in related field.

iii. Possibility of becoming effective and individual entrepreneurs by enjoying the benefits and encouragement given by the management.

iv. Scope for the development of interdisciplinary projects useful for society.


i. Global recession may hamper placement opportunities for students. To come out from this challenge the desired course objectives and outcomes are to be achieved satisfactorily.

ii. To frame and design an effective Curriculum, Teaching learning methodologies that bridge the gap between Industry and Institution.

iii. Development of advanced teaching & learning methodologies and evolution, personal interaction by developing smart classrooms and mechanisms for effective evaluation.

Activities of the Department

Putare Online Quiz:

On 29th Dec 2021 the Department of Computer Application organized an online quiz for the students of all the departments. There was total 32 participants from different departments. The winners were awarded with prize money and certificates whereas each participant was given a participating certificate.

Morigaon Inter-College Quiz Competition:

On 22nd Feb 2022 the Department of Computer Application organized an offline Morigaon Inter-Collage Putare Quiz Competition for all the students of Morigaon degree colleges. The quiz was held in the Morigaon College Campus. There was total 39 groups (each group of two members) from different colleges of Morigaon Degree Colleges. The winners were awarded with prize money, trophies and certificates.

Awards of the Department

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Publication of the Department

i. The department of Computer Applications has a wall magazine named "Domain".

ii. The department also published a hand-written magazine "SHIPA" from the session 2021-22. The first edition of the magazine was published on Teachers' Day of 2022.


Achievements of the Department

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Future Plan of the Department

i. To Develop, Setup & Upgrade laboratories as per the revised syllabus & recent industry trends.

ii. To Organize State/National level paper presentation & project competition.

iii. To Organize various short term courses, workshops, seminars.

iv. To start various activities under Research & Development Cell.

v. To improve placement ratio with the help of Campus Placement Drive.

vi. Enhance Industry Institution Interaction.

vii. To develop useful softwares through Software Development Cell

Best Practices

1. As the department of Computer Applications we have tried to impart some basic skill development for the students of the college. To this effect, we have introduced a certificate course in learning the fundamentals of computer and internet. Now students can avail this program for a minimal fee and get familiarised in this subject. This removes a barrier for a lot of students who wants to learn about computers but are of a different course or they never have had an opportunity.

2. The department also realised the need to inculcate competitiveness in the students, if they are to ready themselves for any kind of entrance exams. We conducted two current affairs Quiz competitions, and the presence of many students from various departments attests the need for conducting more such competitions.